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Why a skate park in Fanwood ?

Fanwood lacks recreational facilities for the tween and teen age group. As Fanwood residents know, skateboarders are now skating all over the town—in parking lots, behind churches, on streets. A skatepark would provide skateboarders a safe, secure environment and give them an alternative to skateboarding where they shouldn’t skateboard.


How did we decide where to build our skatepark?

Skatepark location can often become the single-most controversial decision regarding the building of a new skatepark. Typically that controversy comes from neighbors adjacent to the proposed location. The resistance stems from fears--many unfounded--about skateparks and the people they are designed to attract. Most of the common reasons against skateparks are based on a misunderstanding about skateparks and skaters on the part of people who have little or no prior experience dealing with skaters or skateparks.

Here are a few guidelines that were considered in determining where to locate this skatepark:

  • Most skaters don’t drive, so a skatepark should be in a central location near residential areas and easily accessible.
  • Skateparks should be located in the open rather than tucked away in the back of a larger park area. Hidden locations attract elements other than skateboarders, and can lead to problems the skaters don’t create, but may be blamed for.
  • Skateparks should be located where the general public is likely to walk by. This helps curb inappropriate behavior but also allows the community to see and understand the healthy activity and positive environment. (By hiding the skatepark where the community isn’t likely to interact with it, the stereotypes and negative preconceptions about skateboarders will likely persist.)
  • Existing public park areas are ideal locations to add a skatepark. Many necessities will already be in place: parking facilities, restrooms, etc. This saves money and allows funds set aside for the skatepark to be used for the actual skatepark, and not amenities.
  • Skateparks can easily replace underutilized recreational facilities—in this case, a dilapidated street hockey rink.

Since the Recreation Department already intends to refurbish an existing park space—the street hockey rink—we have an excellent opportunity to provide solutions for the skateboarders’ needs. The rink would eventually be renovated in some manner, so adding a skatepark there would be less expensive than renovating the street hockey rink and building a skatepark elsewhere.

Where are the funds coming from?

As presently planned, 50% of the skatepark’s construction costs will come from a Union County Recreation grant that the Fanwood Recreation Department has already been awarded. The other 50% will be funded from revenues that the Recreation Department has collected and saved from various functions it oversees: LaGrande and Forest Road Park building rental income, summer camp programs, after-school programs, and the annual 5K race.

What is the proposed site of skatepark?

The proposed site is the rectangular, fenced-in street hockey rink in Forest Road Park. This site is in serious need of renovation.

What would happen to the plaque on the boulder outside the hockey rink?

The plaque on the boulder outside the rink that dedicates the rink to the memory of Adrean Andrews would remain



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